Compare Wonder Crunch to Milo

Let’s get real about cereal. 

A nutritional comparison of Wonder Crunch and Milo Protein Cereal.

Take me straight to the comparison.

Let’s face it, the words “High Protein” get thrown around a lot when it comes to food. From snack foods to supplements, breakfast cereal and ready made meals, everyone claims to be high protein and you’ll see high protein slapped on so many of the food products on supermarket shelves. 

The problem with these claims is that often the reference to high protein is comparative to another product and when it comes down to it, the products may not have the protein level you’d expect from such a claim. Like everything you buy, the challenge is sorting through the claims and finding products that deliver the protein level (and other nutritional needs) you’re looking for. 


What’s the best way to choose a high protein food?

Check the Nutritional Information Panel (NIP). You see, the truth is that labels can’t lie.

You may be familiar with NIPs, they’re usually found on the packaging and must be a true and accurate measurement of the nutritional values found in the product. While a product can claim to be high protein, the real test of the claim can be found in these numbers. These numbers are laboratory tested, and a true representation of what you’re buying. 

We found that when it came to breakfast cereal, often the high protein claimed on the box was not the amount of content we would expect from such a claim. Going beyond protein it’s also smart to compare the other macros, and when reviewing your breakfast cereals the carbohydrates, and more importantly the added sugar, is also worth a review. Let's show you an example. 


Wonder Crunch vs Milo Protein Cereal.


From the table, you can see the difference in the protein content (not to mention the reduced sugar, carbohydrates and calories). It’s a significant difference! 

 Wonder Crunch has over 68% more protein than Milo
 Wonder Crunch as one-tenth of the sugar of Milo
 Wonder Crunch has one third less carbohydrates of Milo
    Wonder crunch Milo Protein
    20g Protein 12.05g Protein
    1g Sugar 11.25g Sugar
    4g Carbs 30.45g Carbs
    190 Cal 194 Cal

    * Based on 50g serving size

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    The other thing you should be wary of is the serving size. Most cereals will claim a 30-40g per serve, and in our experience this isn’t a typical bowl of breakfast cereal. Having measured Wonder Crunch over and over we found the natural pour to be 50g. Anything less and you would be left feeling hungry.

    So when you’re next comparing two products, make sure you take this into account, and also look at the per 100g column of your food for a more complete and accurate comparison.

    And there you have it. You’ll now see why we are happy to hand-on-heart claim that Wonder Crunch is a Super High Protein Cereal. With over 40% protein, you just won’t find a protein cereal with more protein packed in. 

    So here’s to happy, healthy, breakfast cereal eating!